Semantics And Linguistics: A Scientific Analysis Of Language

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Linguistics : "A scientific analysis of language is carried out systematically on the basis of objectively verifiable observations and within the framework of some general theory of language structure" - S.K.Verma Linguistics is a scientific study of the systems / principles under lying human languages. It is scientific because it follows the general methodology of science (controlled observation, hypothesis- formation, analysis, generalization, prediction, testing by further observation and confirmation, modification or rejection of the hypothesis). There are several types of Linguistics. 1) Applied Linguistics 2) Socio Linguistics 3) Theoretical Linguistics 4) Comparative Linguistics Linguists have set up Phonological, Morphological, Lexical, Syntactic and Semantic levels of analysis: 1) Phonetics is the study of articulation, transmission and reception of speech sounds. 2) Phonology is study of organization of the units of the sounds of speech into syllables and other larger units, the phonology of language is a description of the systems and patterns of sound that occur in that Language. 3) Morphology is the study of words. 4) Syntax deals with the combination of words into phrases, clauses and sentences. 5) Semantics is concerned with the study of meaning in all its aspects. The term Grammar is sometimes used to refer to morphology and syntax; some Linguists

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