The Sopranos Film Analysis

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The Sopranos is an American television series directed by Tim Van Patten and created by David Chase. It was ranked as the best drama television series in 2013. The film is about an Italian-American gangster named Tony Soprano who begins to have problems with leading a double life as a family man and as a criminal. These problems begin to surface when he starts having sudden black outs so he begins to go for therapy with a female psychiatrist. At first he is very sceptical about having a therapy for his sudden problems. During his first session with Jennifer Melfi, he does not want to talk about anything that has happened to him because he feels he does not have to. He does not cooperate with her but being a psychiatrist, she talks her way into…show more content…
The signifier is the sign itself and the signified is what is understood from the sign. When the traffic light turns red, the signifier is the red light and then the signified is the message understood from the signifier which is to stop. Another example is a picture; say a picture of a dog. the colours and shapes that are used to represent the dog are all part of the signifier, the code which is to be used to understand the message the signifier is trying to pass across and because we have this code, we can decode the message conveyed in the sign and then the mental conception of a dog in our minds becomes the signified. Everything in the society revolves around semiotics, the use of signs and not just spoken language. Language on its own would have never been sufficient for efficient communication thus the reason why semiotics is an important aspect in society. Everything represents something. Everything involves semiotics down to a person’s dress code. A man in a suit is the sign; the concept of the man in a suit which comes to mind is the signified, corporate, responsible, work. Ideology is the way in which people view the society around them. There are popular norms in the society that have been generally accepted by people and that have most likely been effortlessly passed
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