Semiotics Theory Of Language In Cinema

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A s a definition cinema is the theater of movies were it shows films for public. Cinema is a bank of messages that gives every person comes in a message to save in brain in different ways. Cinema is a place were the hidden power is in. On the other had semiotic is premised on the hypothesis that all types of phenomena have a corresponding underlying system that constitutes both the specify and intelligibility of the phenomena. The role of theory in semiotics is to make things visible to understand to create a model. A model is and independent the first step to understand a film semiotic is to crate a model a system that the film is talking about using the film language. According to Stam Rbert : language by definition is a semiotic process through which thought may be used, but a language system enables a response to that thought to use signs and…show more content…
Semiotics- theory of language in cinema Ferdinan desaussure called the science of signs semiotics. He called the basic element of language signs. this is a relevant when analyzing a film.
This theory explored how one image stands for author image through the relation of the third image so each image is related to the other to have a system at the film is a conceptual engages with our body and our brains, it is and experience. Like music. The image say something to the audience it delver a hidden message in a perspective way to make the audience realize the message found it stick to our brines since it uses familiar signs we know to let u have this experience .film theory is often referred to film as a text and only read as a text that people should
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