Semper Paratus Research Paper

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Semper Paratus is the moto of the United States Coast Guard. It is one of the factors in our esprit de corps. It means always ready, ready to answer all bells and whistles, at a moment’s notice. We readily jump into harm’s way and put our lives on hold for others. Many times those we don’t know. This is one of the things I carried with me; both through my service career and after. I was always the first drop what I am doing and aid another, knowing that I will stay later to circle back to finish my task. I have even taken it so far as to put my academic career on hold. I have always had extenuating circumstances that have put things before an investment in myself. I have decided that it is finally time to make me and my education the priority. When I was in high school my parents separated and I needed to work. I didn’t get to participate in many clubs and groups and limited my time to school; Wrestling witch had a four hour practice every day plus matches and tournaments, and working forty hours a week. My education suffered as a result. I knew my family could not afford college and Wrestling was my only opportunity of going. I would practice and…show more content…
Everything that was within reach was pulled away just before it came to fruition. I decided to look to the military for a second road to my education, and to give me the job security that I needed while I served my country and my fellow man. With a high A.S.V.A.B score I was heavily sought by representatives from every branch. After much deliberation I settled on The United States Coast Guard, as I wanted to maximize the amount that I could contribute to my country and the world with the lowest potential to do harm, as we had just entered into a new war only four years before. Becoming a rescue swimmer let me do the greatest amount of good in a troubled time. This did however open my window to the GI
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