Senate Vs American Senate Essay

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In this project I shall talk about the Roman and American Senate. Extended Themes: Why the American senate was influenced by the Roman senate? Which is better the Roman or the American Senate? Differences between the American and Roman senate. The Romans have shown us many different ways of thinking and living; humans and people are still using different methods used by the Romans. The largest factor in my eyes that Roman ancient society has influenced us, is in the democracy system, the same ways and focuses on democracy are used in the American Senate which has derived from the Roman Senate. The Roman Senate: The Roman Senate was first made by a man called Romulus during his reign of 716-753BC. The purpose of the senate and it only consisted, to start with, with about 100 hundred. These people were chosen by the ‘Patricians’. These were older and respected people within their state. The word Senate is derived from…show more content…
Extended Theme 3: Differences between the American and Roman senate. One of main differences between the Roman Senate and the US senate was that the Roman system did not create or use a separate judicial branch. The roman consuls usually served a term of one year whereas the US president served a term of four years. The Roman senators served for life, and the American senators served for a term of six years. Of course sexism played a role in differences, Roman women had no say in politics, and American women are allowed. Summary: We can learn a lot from both the American and Roman senates. It’s an interesting part of history and politics because it shows one of the biggest influences of the ancient world. In this project I have outlined, so that we can see the similarities, differences and why the Roman Senate was so influential to the American government
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