Senator Bernie Sanders's Argumentative Analysis

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Sometimes, the end isn’t really the end, but a new beginning. At the age of seventy-five, Senator Bernie Sanders ran for the presidential office in 2016 only to see it end in a rather unfavorable way. It would have been easy for Sanders to take this loss to heart and finalize his journey, but what he did instead surprised people. He continued his campaign, traveling to different parts of the United States in order to spread his message and inspire others to invoke the change he wishes to see in America. This willpower and drive is what it takes to be an influential person, to grasp the minds and hearts of those who hear his message, and to prompt the citizens of America to follow his lead. Before forming an opinion over the Senator, it is important to know his values and understand exactly what it is he is trying to do for America. Bernie Sanders has labeled himself as a democratic socialist, and while the phrase frightens those of conservative nature, it is often simply a misconception on their behalf. Sanders has spoken to journalists such as Anderson Cooper,…show more content…
In America today, a woman makes seventy-nine cents for every dollar an equally qualified man makes, a woman can be raped on a college campus and see her attacker walk away with no jail time, there are neo nazis and KKK members comfortable marching throughout the streets, yelling slurs and preaching hatred, there are police officers misusing their weapons and power, abusing and even murdering unarmed African American citizens for little or no reason at all. There is hatred in our streets, all around us, and people like Bernie Sanders want to be the difference. One of the most important qualities that Bernie Sanders processes is that he is motivated by his love for the people and for this country, not by hatred or
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