Senator Nunn Analysis

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Senator Nunn & Senator Cleland (cont’d.) What Mr. Williams loved about Senator Nunn was that you could give him information and he could analyze and dispense it in his own way. What Mr. Williams hates about Senator Nunn is that he is the best job that he has ever had. Mr. Williams agrees that when Senator Nunn resigned the integrity of the Senate went with him. Senator Nunn was very wise. When Senator Nunn retired Mr. Williams sensed that Nunn was frustrated with where the Senate was headed. Mr. Williams calls him a walking brain. What Mr. Williams loved about Senator Cleland was that everything was personal to him. Mr. Williams describes him as having a strong sense of empathy and deeply caring about the people he worked with and his constituents. Senator…show more content…
Williams confidence so he can stand up in a groups at the local level. Everything is much more combative at the local level. In Washington, everything is more conceptual when you reference money it is just numbers. At the local level, if you raise property taxes you have to take money from people, like your next door neighbor, which makes it more personal. Many people cannot talk to the senator, but you can corner the mayor and have him explain his reasoning to you. On the local level, people are very free to express themselves. Mr. Williams’ current firm does not handle the corrupted system in DeKalb country, but they are aware of the corruption. Mr. Williams feels like the mentality and civil culture that sustains a democracy has dissipated. He believes that we no longer have the same mindset as the founding fathers had, so he does not think that we are capable of sustaining a democracy. He is deeply suspicious of people who want to run for public office. He does not understand what it is about people’s mentality that they would want to control other people’s lives as well as put their families through an election. People want the
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