Seneca's Rough Road

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A Roman philosopher by the name of Lucius Annaeus Seneca once said “it is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” While this may be true when it comes to the physical layout of the world, I do not believe this is what Seneca was trying to portray. There are several ways that someone could interpret the meaning of this quote, but I believe that what Seneca was trying to say was that the greatest things of life are beyond the hardest of trials. Seneca’s quote then shows us that the very roads that we drive each day, have very much in common with our day to day lives. A simple drive can mean so much more than just setting behind a steering wheel, and operating a vehicle. Every road that you drive on can give you a new opportunity that you would have never known had you not taken a drive. Sometimes, roads can be scary, and just like life, you might not know where you will end up, but is that not the beauty of both living and driving? Though you do not know what lies ahead,…show more content…
Some are paved with concrete or cement, others made of gravel, and one road that we all know very well, was even made of yellow bricks. The point is, like roads, we all have different lifestyles. Some lives are as paved roads they look great, but they can lead to no good place. For example, a life of drugs can look promising, but unfortunately, that kind of lifestyle can lead to destruction and peril. Other lives may be made with gravel. These lives look like they are rough and run down, but honestly, the people who live this kind of life enjoy every minute, and if asked, they would have it no other way. Every life is made up differently, some have many curves, some are very straight, and many times they have both gravel and pavement. The wonderful thing about each road of life is that it is ever changing. We make choices each day on what kind of road that we would like to have, and where we would like for our road to
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