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The world has evolved greatly. With globalization, the world has become a planetary village. This planetary village rely on human beings with a certain level of education. A good education has become an indispensable key However, for a good education, an excellent system of education is needed. More and more countries are emerging on the economic as well as the educational level. As Nelson MANDELA said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Many countries have understood that fact. Mostly African countries start realizing that their economy depend on young, educated young.IN SENEGAL, education began one of the most domain to invest in. SENEGAL is a country in western Africa with an area of 196,722 km…show more content…
As CONRAD BURNS said “ Vocational education programs have made a real different the lives of countless young people nationwide ; they build self-confidence and leadership skills by allowing students to utilize their unique gift and talent “ .In fact, societal pressure had crushed the Senegalese society. Any country that aspires to performance and productivity must have the means to do so. To do so, it must rely on several factors, including those of education and training. These, together with a good orientation, constitute the basis of a political, economic and social development. Indeed, a good orientation makes it possible to increase the level of competitiveness insofar as it helps the population to face a moving job market. A country like Senegal was very early aware of this by setting up, since 1960, a school and vocational guidance service to meet this need. Unfortunately, it has become clear that the vast majority of the population is unaware of this public service, although there is a need for guidance. (National agency of statistic and Demography, Education in Senegal, Annual report, 2016 p-107, Dakar,…show more content…
• To explain the impacts societal pressure on vocational studies choice of Senegalese
• To measure which variables is impacting the most vocational studies choice of Senegalese.

Orientation is the key to success. This evidence is unfortunately not always well assimilated.
The aim of the vocational guidance is to support and facilitate the vocational maturation, the educational and vocational choices of the learners, and their reorientation, whenever necessary, from the second year of the college and up to the" higher education ". However, it is neglected in Senegal, leaving young people to face social realities. Following our logic, a few hypotheses can highlight:
• If the impact of gender is not high , Senegalese will be free to go for any vocational studies
• If the societal pressure is not impacting on the vocational studies, Senegalese will be able to study what they want not what people want them to study.
• If the impact of standard of living is quite high, the Senegalese are limited in their studies options
• If the vocational studies choice is more professional , the Senegalese will not face the impact of gender and societal
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