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Case Summary: James Tilden is the HR Manager for SenGlas, Inc., a 50+ year company that currently has 7 management staff members and 300 employees. On Friday, Mary Booth, the shipping coordinator, came to Tilden to file a complaint against one of her co-workers, Bob Simonsky, for his harassing behavior toward her. Booth, a 5 year employee, accused Simonsky, a 20 year employee, of behaving in a threatening manner due to his negative feelings about working directly with women. Booth states that the harassment has caused her to have anxiety about coming to work which has caused her to have headaches everyday. Booth had enough of the harassment and had told her immediate supervisor before going to Tilden with the complaint. Booth had put down…show more content…
That Simonsky had made a threatening comment about Booth’s predecessor, Sally Jenkins, to Booth in which he stated, “I hate that maggot. I should have killed her when I had the chance.”

Tilden decided to review the sexual harassment policy before investigating Booth’s complaint.

Problem Identification: The shipping coordinator for SenGlas, Inc., Mary Booth, has presented a harassment complaint against a forklift driver, Bob Simonsky, to the Human Resource Manager, James Tilden. The detailed complaint gives an account of Siminonsky’s harassment towards Booth since she started working as shipping coordinator alongside him. Booth has already informed her supervisor about Siminosky’s actions but she wants Tilden to take action immediately.

Causes of the Problem: Simonsky’s actions have not been reported by any of the workers who have been witness to them, other than Booth. Only his bad temperament was mentioned previously but despite Tilden himself witnessing Simonsky’s bad attitude first hand, no actions have been taken to address it by management. Since Simonsky’s actions went unchecked, his bullying and harassing behavior becomes
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That being said, if the assertions made by Booth against Simonsky are true, then Simonsky should be terminated immediately. The complaints against Simonsky include a pattern of discrimination, bullying, and intimidation, as well as, a death threat against a former employee. If true, this shows Simonsky to be woefully prejudiced and possibly dangerous as well. It would be irresponsible for Tilden to allow such a person to continue to work for SenGlas. On a personal note, the allegations are very specific and name other witnesses involved so I do think they are true.

Implementation Steps:
Step #1: Look under the correct policy involving the behavior displayed by Simonsky, if that policy does not address the situation adequately then make sure to update that policy asap.
Step#2: Conduct investigation of Booth’s harassment complaint. Talk to the specific employees mentioned in the complaint in addition to employees that work around Booth and Simonsky on a daily basis. Additionally, speak with Sally Jenkins to get her accounts of working with Simonsky. Get Simonsky take on the allegations made against him and see if his accounts on the incidents have credibility. Upon discovering that Booth’s allegations are true then go to Step 3.
Step#3: Terminate Bob Simonsky’s
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