Senior Care Benefits

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Senior Care Services: Benefits of Group Exercise Exercise is important for people of all ages. It takes on even extra importance as we age. Not only do seniors tend to lose muscle mass, but they also suffer from a number of ailments that require the benefits of exercise such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and an increased risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Many times seniors start an exercise program with the best of intention, but they soon quit. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the most common reason given for quitting is not difficulty, transportation, or even fear of injury. It is boredom. In our childhood, youth, and young adult years, we typically spend time being active with family and friends. These opportunities typically lessen with age as longer work hours, increased family responsibility, and health issues get in the way of our…show more content…
Dancing provides the social stimulation many seniors are missing. In addition to strengthening muscles, dancing also works on flexibility and balance. Best of all, researchers have found that the mental concentration and thought it takes to navigate the dance floor, lead and follow movements, and keep the rhythm are amazing brain boosters. A great advantage of group exercise is the leadership and modeling inherent to the program. In beginning courses, people of all ability levels are welcome to show up and do their best. They are guided through the steps by an expert instructor and encouraged to stick with it. Because of the many people in a group exercise, seniors who have a senior care services aide assisting them are less likely to stand out or feel embarrassed. In short, whether your loved one wants to try out the latest Latin dance moves or join a mall walking group, the benefits of group exercise are sure to be encouraging. When assistance is needed, senior care services are only a phone call
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