Senior Home Assistance Essay

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Senior Home Care Assistance and Traveling When most people think about helping a senior with their transportation, they think about transportation services provided to seniors who live independently in their own home but need help getting to and from appointments, engagements, and the like. Access to this transportation ensures that seniors are able to maximize their freedom and maintain their links to the community. There are times, however, when traveling outside the home means more than going grocery shopping or to a doctor appointment. Seniors may want to travel longer-distances that require the use of a plane, train, or ship. Comfort Keepers senior home care assistance can help your loved one with those transportation issues, too.…show more content…
Not all cabins on a cruise are equal and not all seats on the plane are meant for seniors with chronic pain or mobility issues. Taking the time to select the location that best fits your loved one 's needs is well worth a few extra minutes and dollars. If your loved one does not know where to start on this process, senior home care assistance can walk them through the steps. Packing. Not only will your loved one need to have all of their essentials with them for the trip, but they will have to carry them around. From medications to health aids and prescriptions, emergency phone numbers, and snacks to entertainment for the trip and something to keep them warm. Not forgetting anything important is challenge one. Keeping the bags light enough is challenge two. Senior home care assistance can help your loved one prepare a checklist so nothing is forgotten, and they can provide packing assistance to make sure it all fits and is accessible. Transportation is an important element of freedom, and traveling is an important part of transportation. Most seniors are well-traveled, but with the addition of age-related challenges, sometimes assistance is needed. Other times, a spouse may have made all of the arrangements, but that spouse has now passed on. Whatever the reason, if your loved one needs help traveling, Comfort Keepers senior home care assistance can provide the support they
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