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Personal Statement For Seniors I am the type of person that has always thought outside the box. I 've never been afraid to succeed in what possibly my friends and family have never delt or ventured into. Coming from never being in charge of anything important really I soon began to take role of captain but not in anything militaristic but captain for a few different community soccer teams throughout my life. I believe in all that I have always been a guy that takes charge in things I truly care about and succeed in them. I don’t know if my other family have been a such important position of leadership but I did and I succeeded in it.
I always thought I really didn’t stand out in much throughout my life. I would join clubs and sports starting from age seven. It wasn’t until I was about age 14 when I started to wander off into what would be my true best experience playing soccer for a first division community soccer team named Club Atletico Boca Jrs. Although being 14 years of age I must admit this team or better said league was only meant for 18 year olds through 35 years of age. I was accompanied by three other friends that were pretty much gifted for the
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Maybe I am a bit distracted at times during lessons but believe me I have almost always tried to do my best in everything I do in specific my classes. Throughout my life I have been a 2.5 to 3.0 (gpa) student and had maybe a couple of F letter grades since my freshman start at Dinuba High School. I have high hopes of going to Reedly my college though it has always been a goal for my family but most importantly for myself. What I am saying is that I truly believe that I have the qualifications needed to make it to the college I have always thought about going. I am very optimistic about my future and see myself being accepted into Reedly college it is one of my dreams and until I see the day they really won 't accept me I 'll never
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