Senior Reflective Essay

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As a senior at Ashley High School in New Hanover County, you have to complete a senior project. This project singlehandedly determines whether you graduate or not. It was second semester, my classmates and I were sitting in Mrs. Ventre 's class knowing exactly what was coming. We were scared, nervous, intimidated, and so much more. The way she helped me through this huge project has stuck with me to this day. As high school students we are told about this from our first day of freshmen year. I was more than terrified. For one, I hated essays or just writing in general, so getting this huge project was scary. Senior/graduation project is a big project you are given senior year that has a ten page essay, along with multiple assignments surrounding…show more content…
I had so many questions on where and how to start. I remember vividly walking over to my teacher 's desk and saying, "I can not do this, I know I can 't." My senior year english teacher changed my perspective on writing that semester. My teacher that semester was Mrs. Ventre. She was there for me for every step of the way. It amazed me to have a teacher take so much time to help and guide me. When you have a project with so much importance, it is so stressful. She made this process so easy to get through. From the research all the way to the final copy. At any point that I needed help, she was waiting with open arms to edit my mistakes. This is just one of the many things she did that changed my views on writing and have helped me become a better writer. In the end, I ended up making an A on every part of the project, even the paper. I was so proud of myself after making an A on my graduation project. I could only thank Mrs. Ventre for the things I had learned this semester in english. I learned so many writing skills and assets I can continue to use in my writing to this day. It makes me happy that I got over my petty fear of
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