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Why are you interested in the scholarship role(s) to which you have applied?
In applying for Senior Resident I see an opportunity to shape the Ursula Hall Community towards the engagement of a wide range of residents. Every resident who comes to Ursula Hall, ultimately will want a different experience out of their time. In wanting to help build a greater sense of community around the events which Senior Residents run along with being able to help both new residents transition into university life and help returning residents with the troubles which can occur through later years. It is also the ability to provide a collage experience through another dimension and be able to cater to different residents and helping bring residents with different backgrounds and values to together through living in the same community. In wanting to apply for …show more content…

Along with this I have been a member of the Ursula Hall choir. These activities has taught me how to work in a team along with being able to have commitments within the hall while balancing with study.

Social Life: Throughout My time at Ursula Hall I have been able to contribute to social life through my work on the Ursula Hall Residence Committee as Treasurer. This has culminated in working in a team to help to plan, organise and run events. Examples of this through the year have included running an icon tour during O-Week which involved visiting old and new parliament house to organising a race night during bush week. In addition to this I have also been involved in supporting and attending events throughout the year which range from social night to mixed netball games.

Using specific examples of when you have worked in a team (in your work, studies and/or extra-curricular activities), explain how you operate as an effective team

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