Senior Trip Analysis

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Exploding ships, mentally unstable girls, and suicides being declared accidents… Those are interesting ways to start a senior trip. Polly tampered with the homecoming float in hopes Jessica Hart is elected queen, but Bubba tampered with the votes so Maria would win. He did this so Clair and Jessie wouldn 't try to scratch each other’s eyes out. The float collapsed due to Polly’s tampering and Maria was paralyzed because she was voted queen. Michael found out Alice had her hands tied in christmas lights as knotted as a Gordian knot :), trying to get paper cups down for the party, on a ladder and she fell on her nose. Alice died by accident, and there was no murderer. He also found out that Sara made Alice’s death look like an accident and was mentally unstable. Also, she made up Clark to be this terrible guy that was to blame for everything, when Clark was actually not in any parts of the book (minus the football…show more content…
Polly was a very lonely girl. Her sister and her Aunt died, yet her friends didn 't call to ask if she was fine or come visit her. She got mad and decided to meticulously impair Jessie, because she blamed Jessie for Alice’s death, her mind made her forget by making her think Clark was iniquitous and evil. “Michael grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. “Clark’s gone. He’s been gone all along. He never came to the party. He never came to see you after the party. He didn’t push Alice off the ladder. It was you, Polly, it was you who pushed her!”….Michael is saying there are two Clarks: the real one and the one Polly talks to—an imaginary Clark.” (Pike 816) Jessie was one of the people who convinced Polly and Alice to have the party, so Polly tried to hurt her. She put everybody in jeopardy to find what she was searching for: companionship and recollection of what happened to her sister. The search was semi-successful. Michael made everything clear to her on what happened, but instead of finding companionship she had to
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