Senior Year Goals

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As my senior year in High School is nearing its end, I still have a few important goals to accomplish. I want to get fives on my three AP tests (Calculus BC, Chemistry, and Physics C), so I can go into college with some credit for my intended major chemical engineering. I also want to learn as much as I can in these last couple months to better myself for the future. My final academic goal is to finish the year off with all A’s. I want to finish my senior year as strong as my past years. My outside of school activities have a few goals as well. For Boy Scouts, I would like to become an Eagle Scout. I am super close, I just need to finish a small amount of paperwork and attend a few meetings. For ultimate, I have a few. I would like to finish the season with no major or minor incidents. In the past I have had a variety of incidents ranging from dehydration to shin splints. Another goal is to be on the starting line for every game during the season. Being a senior captain, I would like to get the rest of the team motivated by playing the best that I can, so the want to be in my…show more content…
I want to live in the suburbs because the neighbors are close, but there is adequate land for a house. I want to live in an average size home because then everyone isn’t too spread out. I would like to stay in Minnesota because there are a lot of companies that I could work at and the weather is nice. I hope to have boys, so that I can get them involved in scouting. Scouting has taught me many valuable skills in leadership, but also general skills. I want my kids, if possible, to have the same amazing opportunity. I hope to travel every year on a week long trip with my family. I would like to make them action-packed like boy scout camps, but also have relaxing moments to reflect and enjoy. I plan to be involved in a group to better my family and community, but I do not know which one(s) that will
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