Senior Year Research Paper

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At Last, I’m A Senior
Senior year has by far been the craziest, scariest, and most important year of my life. Many people imagine senior year to be laid back and care free; so far, it has been everything but that. Senior year consists of trial and error and is full of surprises (a great deal of surprises). It is full of late nights and taking chances. Can that homework assignment wait until tomorrow? Will I be able to afford a ‘B’ on my next test? These are questions every senior ask themselves.
Senior year has been crazy! Mostly, non-stop assignments with an overwhelmingly short amount of time to get the done. Senior year has really pushed me to limits. I have had to make numerous sacrifices, but the outcome has definitely been worth it. Senior year is full of “lasts”. The last first day of school, the last first high school basketball game, and many
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I did something I never imagined myself doing; I joined the Army. It is a scary thing to think about, but I felt like it was my calling. Joining the Army is a long, hard process and something that has never happened in my family before. One day in English class, there was an Army recruiter substituting my class. At first, I was very annoyed because in was the first class of the day and I was not fully awake yet. His name was Sergeant Ramirez. He is about five foot two, so he was not very intimidating at all! He started out by talking about a free college tuition and special benefits the Army had to offer. Immediately, I was interested. After class, I stayed to talk to him and that was the start of something much greater. I am now enlisted in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. It was the biggest decision I have ever had to make; and, by far, the scariest. The reason I had decided to join the Army was for self-discipline. I knew that I would be pushed to my limits and forced to find my breaking point. I am more than ready to see where this journey in life takes
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