Senioritis In High School

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In highschool, there is a illness all seniors go through called senioritis. The side effects may include drowsiness, lack of attendance, lack of sleep, and the constant urge of wanting to graduate. With this illness, many may not have the urge not to study. To increase grades and keep parents at ease, note taking makes the best study resource.

While sitting in class, a student should jot down key parts of a teacher's lecture or powerpoint. Although this may sound boring, it will benfit the student. Think about it. Would you rather skim over notes, or read through a 50 page chapter? The notes taken in class will eventually turn into a study guide that could be used for studying.

Taking notes in class will only make a perfect study habit only if they can be understood by the person taking them. When I take notes, I use simple words and vocabulary so I can better undertsand later on. In addition to simple language, the student should make sure the notes are organized. Sloppiness and unorganization will only increase the side effects of senioritis.
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As simple as taking notes, you can be one of the few who survives this horrific, mythical illness

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