Senora Ines 'Short Story The Stolen Party'

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Comparing and Contrasting Senora Ines and Rosaura In the short story “The Stolen Party”, Rosaura and Senora Ines impression on why Rosaura was invited to the party is completely different yet similar. “You know what you are to them, the maid's daughter”, her mother had said. Rosaura thought that she was invited to the “rich people’s” party because she was Luciana friend, but on the other hand, Senora Ines invited her to be a helper at the party. Normally, people only get invited to parties if you are a friend. People do not invite you to be a maid there, so that is why Rosaura thought that she was invited to the party as a friend. Rosaura and Senora Ines both believe that the reason why Rosaura was the only one allowed in the kitchen, hand
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