Sensational Murder Case Study

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Sensational Murders Though dying is a natural part of life, most people do not imagine a sensational death. Murders are usually studied and are seen as more interesting than any other form of death, and the reason may not always be how they were killed, but why the person that did the killing decided to do so. In the small town of Medford, Iowa in 1900, Margaret Hossack committed a murder against her husband, named John. It occurred in a larger town, making it more dramatic to the citizens who openly discussed what they thought led her to commit the act of violence. The next murder was committed by Minnie Foster Wright, who murdered her husband,also named John. This proved to be such a major upset in the close-knit community and led Wright’s normally quiet life to be criticized by her peers. In the case of Andrea Yates, her…show more content…
Because of her ongoing struggle with postpartum depression, she took drastic steps to what she thought would help solve her problems. Because all three of the women killed family members, the claim that women commit crimes of passion is factual. The murderers in the cases are similar because they felt the need to kill a loved one; similarly, the victims also relate to each other because they did not necessarily deserve to be killed. The women all were obviously very close to the people that they killed. The victims had probably never seen the more aggressive side of the attackers, and it came as a shock to them to have someone so close turn against them. In the case of the Hossack murder, Margaret not only killed her husband but ruined her whole family which included her sons. They had to live with their father’s death as well as not having a normal relationship with their mother. She now was looked at as the murderer of their father, and trust between them must have been lost. The Wright’s relationship differs from the Hossack’s because only two people were involved as opposed to a whole family. Since only the two of them
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