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Jane Austen is one of the greatest writers in the English history. Both the general population and scholars began to recognize her work as literary masterpieces after her death. However, Austen did receive some recognition after her second novel, while she was still alive. Many of her novels were adapted by films, such as; Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Sense and Sensibility’s popularity has influenced people to adopt it for movies and television shows, this essay will analyze the film adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.

The plot of Sense and Sensibility begins dramatically by a very sad scene when Mr. Dashwood dies. But before he dies he explains to his son John that after his death his three daughters will inherit
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Therefore, Mr. Dashwood asks John to take good care of his wife and his three daughters, John promised his father to do so. John and his wife moves immediately to their new house, and they invite Edward Ferrars; who seem to like Elinor the eldest of the Dashwood. Meanwhile, the Dashwood women moves to a smaller home; Barton Cottage, given to them by a distant relative. They were in a culture shock but with time they got used to the fact that their social condition has changed. A visitor of their relative called Colonel Brandon is interested in Marianne but he is not her ideal romantic match so she ignores him entirely. Then Marianne meets Willoughby and they fall in love as they share interest in poetry, but Willoughby leaves her without explanation. Also Elinor is disappointed that Edward didn’t call her, whom she thought to have mutual feelings. Then another guests came to meet the Dashwood family including Lucy. As Lucy reveals to Elinor that she is secretly engaged to Edward Ferrars five years ago. Even though, Elinor is disappointed she promises Lucy to keep their secret and she is secretly heart broken. In London, Marianne sees Willoughby but he rejects her in public, so she

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