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The main objective of the paper is to discuss that whether having a sense of being different makes it difficult to belong or not. This essay will discuss this sense of belonging and in that way some arguments will also be discussed in the essay. Thus, a critical review will be done in order to get understanding of sense of belonging in two different ways. Discussion Every human has his own, singular, unique information: from physical features in the hair, colour of eyes, hands, face shape, even the psychological and the character, hobbies, fears, tastes. All these features result in infinite combinations it is making possible that there can be two equal human beings. Even to highlight our own identity, all carry a plastic card that is called…show more content…
This feeling helps, despite individual differences; the members may have something in common. This can also be defined by opposition to others; this means that a group can be identified as such precisely because it has explicit and important differences that establish the existence of different groups. National identity, on the other hand, is one that links individuals with the nation of which it is part. This can be given by the sharing of certain customs or traditions, religion, worldview or behaviour; inhabiting the same territory or having feelings of belonging (Lin et al., 2013). Belonging to a group, plus provide information about our identity, unlike us members of another group. Identifying the limits of what "one does not It is "or what" one unlike the others ", also supplies information and gives meaning to behaviors that place. By this process could explain certain nationalist attitudes and behaviors (Martinez,…show more content…
This whole journey possible to create a personalised narrative of life, which starts in the cooking of the feelings that everyone supports facing the paradox in which every individual is placed: the need to look to others to be accepted and need to be different (Delanty et al., 2011). The individuation process occurs in adolescence. The teenager made this way through the gang, where he made new identifications that lead you to an area where you can compare ideologies, ways of human communication and values, they face their first learning. That distance between two worlds will mark their choices and part of their identity construction (Lawler,

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