Sense Of Belonging And Satisfaction In Shakespeare's As You Like It

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Sense of Belonging and Satisfaction in “As You like It”
One of the other creations of William Shakespeare, the play “As you Like it”, touches almost all edges of human feelings and emotions humorously and entertainingly. In case of Orlando and Oliver, it shows how brotherly affection can change to hate and vice versa; with Rosalind and Celie it displays how love and devotion can help one to confront the obstacles in life and in case of Duke Fredrick it depicts how human desire for pride and power can lead to loneliness and regret. Besides, the whole play is portrait as comedy. The play contains and examines big and serious issues of life while it takes them in light hand and with humor. In addition, most part of the play is comparing the city
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It can lead to tensions and unhappiness. As mentioned, it is illustrated in Orlando being unhappy with his fortune at the beginning of the play. His environment being controlled by his older brother restricted him to fully flourish his abilities, thus he was not able to find a sense of belonging and it leaded him to be dissatisfied. One of the other characters also which finds no association and sense of belonging in no state is Jacques. He seems to be untouched both by the magical power and natural beauty of the forest and the complexities of the Court. Shakespeare describing his condition as melancholic exemplifies people with no sense of belonging in any situation. It is evident at the last scene of the play where music, dancing and singing create a joyous atmosphere; Jacques’s melancholic mood differentiates him from other happy characters as he says: “I see no pastime... I’ll stay... at your abandoned cave”. It clarifies his lack of connection to the court, leading him with no sense of belonging, disconnection and…show more content…
In it he also mentions one of his well-known and famous speeches, “All world’s a stage”. The play taking place into two different environments also compares the two different ways of living, Urban with its all complexities and sophistication and rural with its shepherds, simplicity and uncomplicatedness. Beside other themes, Shakespeare in the play portrays how human beings achieve the sense of belonging and satisfaction. All the characters in seeking it struggle to keep their relationship and strengthen it with others, fall in love and try find their true selves. Last but not least to complement the work of Shakespeare, it really needs a brain to express all the angles of human feelings with humor and
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