Personal Narrative: My Sense Of Identity For Adolescents

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Identity for an adolescent’s point of view is important. Adolescents are far more self-conscious about their changes and the way they feel. Steinburg states “Although important changes in identity certainly occur during childhood, adolescents are far more self-conscious about these changes and feel them much more acutely” (Steinburg 209). Adolescents care more about their identity and their presences that a child does. While reading the text, I related to a majority of the chapter. I remember going through the process around the time I hit puberty of trying to find out who I was. Every adolescent wants to have a sense of identity, where they know they are becoming someone and they want their peers to notice. When I became an adolescent I…show more content…
Steinburg states “Erikson believed that the establishment of a coherent sense of identity-what he called the crisis of identity versus identity diffusion-is the chief psychosocial crisis of adolescence” (Steinburg 219). The way I had to mature and learn social skills forced me to reflect on society, the way adults view society. I was encouraged to stay in school for a long time and to think about what I wanted for my future, which allowed me to try psychosocial moratorium. I went through a stage of where I experienced identity diffusion because I remember thinking I could not make these kinds of decisions and I felt as if I was not the same person anymore. My junior year I played a role in identity foreclosure, where I decided to become a speech pathologist and have not considered any other career possibilities,…show more content…
It will allow psychologist to further assess and treat their patients with the care they need to receive. For my field, Speech Language Pathology, there will need to be further research to investigate how the impact of identity has on adolescents and how it will allow me to work with adolescents. Throughout the text you learn the importance of identity in an adolescent’s life. It has a huge impact on the way they grow throughout adolescence and who they

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