Sense Perception In Volleyball

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The Ways of Knowing are different methods of which make one knowledgeable in a specific area. In the sport of Volleyball, the ways of knowing play a major role, as they determine the level of skillfulness that each athlete obtains. As I am in the International programs school’s (IPS) girls Volleyball team I will address three ways of knowing which include, Language, Sense Perception, and Intuition, and provide examples to explain how they are associated with the sport of Volleyball. Firstly, I will address Language and its significance when it comes to playing volleyball. Language is an important aspect of all activities as it satisfies the basic needs for knowledge. Language is very present in volleyball and is found in various forms. One…show more content…
Sense perception is the understanding of something with the use of one’s senses, which are, sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing. In Volleyball we tend to use our sight, touch, and hearing senses the most. Volleyball is a sport that requires constant physical contact with the ball, but it’s important to know how and where you must touch the ball in each play to ensure accuracy. Something I constantly struggled with in Volleyball was setting, I would always slap the ball with my palms which would only smack the ball up a little then have it fall down to the ground. I had to learn to set the ball with my fingertips in order to give my set power and accuracy. This really helped me later on, as I became a better setter which really improved my game performances. Vision also plays a major role in Volleyball as you have to know where you are aiming and to whom you might pass the ball to. With vision, we are able to see, once a ball is in the air, where it is and where it’s headed so that we can make a decision on who will have to get the ball and thus the people who will not have to get the ball would move out of the way to ensure that the one person is able to receive the ball easily. Without our sight senses we would not be able to play, not only Volleyball, but any sport for a matter of fact. Lastly, hearing is also very significant when it comes to volleyball as you must listen to your team members whilst in a game to know whether to get the ball or not, or if the ball is “out” or “short” for example. This again ties in with communication as team members must listen to one another to know what plays will be taking place. Whilst playing games in practices, when one of my team members would call mine, for example, I would immediately know to back away from the ball so she can easily get it without me being in her way. Without this sense there would
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