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Discussion In this study, we have argued that a detailed focus on three ways of sensemaking interaction unravels how change agents intervene in actual practice. We have further argued that these sensemaking efforts are the microfoundations of sustainability embedding. Guided by the conceptual framework, we have unraveled the many types of sensemaking efforts that the change agents deployed in an ongoing and emergent process. Especially The longitudinal setting provides unique insights in the ways that the change agents try to push forward and keep the process going, also across organizational boundaries. Also, the inter-organizational setting of the process reconstructions has added to an understanding of the dynamics of translating…show more content…
Adding to the theory, the fourth contribution advances Daft and Weick’s "general model of organizational sensemaking". While in this paper we have operationalized sensemaking perspective in three sensitizing concepts, our starting point is to study the sensemaking process as a whole. This is in line with Sandberg and Tsoukas (2015), who promote a holistic approach containing the three elements of "creation, interpretation, and enactment" which are closely interdependent. Tracing these connected elements back to their origins, this paper relates the holistic approach to the three elements of information scanning, interpretation and learning of the Daft and Weick model (1984/2001). Based on the longitudinal analysis, we can identify a pattern in how the change agents affected sustainability sensemaking. The embedding process cycled through an emerging and ongoing series of interactions. The cyclical series of interactions for embedding sustainability that we discern is similar to Daft and Weick’s "general model of organizational sensemaking" (Weick, 1984/2001), as described in the section above on Empirical application of sensemaking, and in Figure 1. However, the pattern we present advances Daft and Weick's model, as it fleshes out how the sensemaking steps are

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