Short Essay On Disabled Person

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New technologies are a valuable instrument to ease the disabled persons. The use of new technology developed devices for disabled persons. Sensor is the one of the best technology to improve the life of disabled persons.
A sensor is a device, produced by sensitive cells, to transforms physical or chemical magnitudes in useful signals to measure or control system. The instrumentation variables depend on the type of the sensor and they can temperature, distance, acceleration, propensity, movement, nearby atmosphere etc. Sensors are a technological cornerstone for disabled persons and have become ubiquitous. Intellectual disabled take more service of the sensors technology than other type of disabled persons. Sensors can be classified in the respect to the positioning towards the human body. Sensors can be used in various part of the body and can be externally attached to the bodies or be in the vicinity of the bodies. These types of sensors are wearable. Sensors are used for various purposes by the different types of disabled persons. Disabled persons carry out routine activities of their life in the comfort and safety of their. [13]

Monitoring and Navigation systems
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This type of technology has an impact on the disabled to improve their life style, independence, and minimizes risks caused by their wandering to different places. Surrounding responsiveness intelligence could help in facing problems. Current monitoring and navigation systems require a large range of different sensors. These systems are built in assistive environments and they do not give detailed about new configurations using this

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