Sensory Integration

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Sensory Integration Therapy as an alternative treatment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Introduction: Autism is a developmental disorder described as changing degrees of difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, repetitive behaviors and motor coordination. Every child or adult with autism is unique and, so, every autism intervention plan should be personalized to address specific needs. Intervention can involve behavioral treatments, medicines or both such as the therapy of sensory integration. SI is an evidence-based treatment. It is designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and so many other disabilities. There are many studies displayed how SI improves daily function in individuals…show more content…
(2013), sensory integration was first established by A. Jean Ayres. It is an insensible process of the brain like breathing, it classifies information perceived by one’s senses such as gustatory sense related to taste, visual sense related to vision, auditory sense related to hearing, tactile sense related to touch, olfactory sense related to smell, proprioceptive sense related to movement and position, vestibular sense related to gravity, head movement, and balance, and visceral sense related to sensation inside our bodies. It provides meaning to what is practiced by filtering through all the information and choosing what to focus on such as, paying attention to a teacher and ignoring the noise of outside traffic, SI allows us to act and react to the situation we are feeling in a determined way known as an adaptive response, and it forms the basic foundation for educational learning and social behavior (Ayres, 2005). However, having deficits in the process of SI may effect in the person everyday functioning (Polenick & Flora,…show more content…
Parents generally, always recognize unusual behaviors and understand their children better than anyone else. So, they know and tell better than any person in the world about their children struggles, stumbles, or suffers. This research paper was written to provide information on why some sensory problem behaviors occur in individuals with ASD. It is also intended to make better understanding for parents, teachers, and others on how to treat these sensory problems. Sensory Integration therapy or occupational therapy is an evidence-based treatment that has proven its effect on individuals with ASD who also has sensory problems. It is also concerned with how individuals function in daily life skills. During child development one of the most important skills is playing with a toy, so if your child is having problems in touching toys or manipulating a toy, SIT takes place in enhancing this skill that your child have impairments with, by introducing activities that are chosen by the child, with providing therapist’s assistance, to deliver the accurate combination of tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular sensory involvement to encounter the child’s particular developmental needs. The activities are wisely planned by the occupational therapist, with the difficulty steadily advanced so the challenge is always at the best level to encourage growth and complete
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