Sentencing Children In Prisons

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In United States, there are 73 13-14 year old chidren who have been sentenced to life in prision with-out possibility of parole and over 200 juleniles who have been condemned to die in prision. The United States is the part of the world that comdemn children in prison. The sentencing of a 13 or 14 year old to life in prison without parole is a curel punishment but also unconstitutional. Telling a child that they’re only fit to die in prison is cruel and it goes against the 8th amendment. Also, a child brain at that age has not developed yet or mature. So, teenagers will make stupid mistakes at that young age. Instead of giving the teenager life in prision they should be sentence to centain years in prison like 40-50 years maximum years that way they served their time in jail and still can enjoy the rest of their life. Also, children that are sent to adult prison are at great risk for being abused. If adolescdents suffer horric abused when sent to adult prison, then children are five times more likely to be assaulted as well. A child will not be able to protect his or her self…show more content…
This is a very harsh punishment especially for someone who did not commit a murder crime. Many people in prison that has commited a murder crime or second degree murder and is offer life with parole, which is not fair. Committing a crime does deserve some type of punishment but punishing a young child for life in prison is not fair. Yes, the child should be punished for the crime they committed but it should not be a curel punishment, but a reasonable punishment. Also, by a child being in prison at a young age will reduces the child from graduating high school or even college. Lastly, it is not a good idea to send a child to jail, because when the child gets released from jail the child will not be able to handle the interaction with people after being locked away for so long if they do get possiable for
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