Separate Culture

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Forces that Separate Cultures
Culture has been one of the integral parts of civilization since the beginning of time. In order to establish a civilization, a culture had to be developed. It was not until the tower of Babel that cultures became separate and diversified. When this happened, language was varied, separate ways of life were created, and differences were made visible. Because of this, various cultures have struggled throughout the progression of time at existing peacefully and respectfully with other cultures. This happens because of religion, differing languages, and the underlying fear of the abnormal.
One reason for the universal struggle between cultures is religion. When people ascribe themselves to a religion, it often becomes the primary dictator of their lifestyles, the way they think, and the beliefs that they hold true. It is also considered an ultimatum for truth in all aspects of their lives. This can create stark contrasts between followers of separate religions. If two separate doctrines that contain different teachings both claim to be the infallible truth, they cannot both
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Communication is the single most important aspect in developing a relationship of any caliber, whether it be person to person, community to community, or culture to culture. The variations in language make it impossible to communicate. Although many of todays leaders can speak multiple languages with ease and technology is available to break down the language barrier, it does not solve the problem. In order to create a positive relationship with another culture, the entire culture has to be affected by it. This is very hard to do, because technology is not accessible to everybody. The other culture is also not always accessible to every person. This is the challenge that language creates. It blocks the ability to engage in wholesale commutations between
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