Separate School Not Separate Schools

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Can you think of a girl you know who loves sports? How about a boy who is conservative and isn’t rough and ready to “get their hands dirty”? Are single-gender schools going to help those students who don’t fit into the typical stereotype, learn in the best way possible? Or are they going to force them into a stereotype that isn’t who they want to see themselves as? In the 1990s, schools across the nation began researching on whether separating girls and boys were beneficial for their education. Some schools adopted this idea as their own and made it a reality, but others we against the idea altogether. Although children in non-separated schools can become easily distracted by the opposite gender, we should not separate girls and boys at school because there is no valid evidence to support that major decision, the schools will begin the use of stereotyping and it is not properly preparing students for the future.
Separating genders at school should not be an option because there is not valid evidence that supports the change. A study completed in 2014 by the “American Psychological Association” did 184 studies of more than 1.6 million students from around the world, after all of their experimentation they concluded that Single-sex education does not educate girls and boys any better than coed schools. Furthermore, according to Professor Alan Smithers, director of education and employment research at the University of Buckingham; "There are no overriding advantages for
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