Separation, Abomination And Discrimination Essay

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Separation, abomination, and discrimination. What is it? What do they mean? How could these three same meaning words have such a powerful grasp and foothold in our nation that, if given the chance, could rip a nation in half, our nation to be exact. Imagine being mistreated, teased, and or threatened because of your beliefs, culture, race, speech, and other minor things in your life that you had no control over. Imagine a world where you have to think ten moves ahead to insure your life as is and as will be. A world where you have to make sure the words that you say, don 't formulate your image to become worse than the ,uneducated and abominable, one that was already imprinted into their heads. Imagine having to look over your shoulder and…show more content…
Unfortunately, there are those who treat people horribly as if being different is such a bad thing, when in all reality, its not. Who are you? What makes you feel as though your life is better than someone else 's, that it 's worth more? People fail to realize some things as time goes on. As their reality becomes known for people putting them down because of their differences . Everyone came into this world the same way and everyone will eventually leave the same way as well, but while your here you need to know a little secret. “What makes us different, is the very thing that makes us special”. A wise man once said that, a very, very wise man, his name, Nelson Mandela. He became so significant in the race to better mankind because he fought for the right to be heard. He made sure that everybody knew that they were a somebody. Mandela is single handedly one of the most important people in some culture 's history today because he not only fought for his race to be heard, he fought for every race hushed and backed into a corner to have a voice. For every culture punished and banished, to stand out and be who they were raised to be. Most importantly, he was well known because stood out against everything he ever thought was right and fought for all, even those who didn 't deserve
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