Separation In Special Education

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Separation in a classroom is an idea that is more practical in terms of meeting a students needs. Specific cases determine the usage of separation and if it is needed for the student if they have unique difficulties that require one on one or individualized attention. In a perfect society, inclusion would seem to be the answer for special education because the students can learn from their peers and receive outside perspectives and ideas from classmates. For normal students, this is beneficial, but for a student that is far behind in material and understanding a personalized lesson plan is what is going to be the most profitable method. It does not mean that the school or teacher is restricting their socialization or rights, in actuality they are benefitting the education the student is receiving. Although the effects of separation is seen to be negative, there is a community of disabled students that collectively recieve this specialized attention which can be considered a lack of isolation for the students. In addition, these students can receive outside interaction though groups and activities they join so their education is intact yet they still sustain a balanced social life.
There are specific necessities that an educational program fitted for special students need to have. This would include but is not limited to the factors that will be explicated below. Firstly, in order to establish a foundation in which the system could be built upon the schools must have a
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