Separation In The Outsiders

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divide each other. For example S.E. Hinton in her book THE GREASERS. That ‘’Greasers’’ and ‘’Soc’’ are separated because the soc are cooler than the greasers. Separation is going on in society, in the Nove sometimes people can’t have their freedom of speecHave you ever thought why everybody is separated?
Just because how we look or who we are. Separation at times causes problems or war and most likely it’s not good. I look at the world and notice that everyone is separated over the stupidest things. People think it’s okay that there separated, because they don’t want to be with another group of people because there different. In society a lot of separation is happening today. All you watch on the news is people separated because the color of our skin or how we look and it causes war with one another. Separation also starts at school, most likely in middle school or high school, because everyone’s different so they l the Outsiders they’re separated. They judge each other by their cover and do not get to know one another separation should stop.

When It comes to separation you don’t really have a choice and it’s not right, that causes war because h. For example the book The Outsiders, Ponyboy said ‘’I’m not saying the socs are better that’s just the way things are ‘’ (pg3).
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You’re not free and sometimes it can kind of scare you and hold you want to do, some might not even be your friend. When it comes to separation you really can’t be friends who you want because you’re separated and they don’t want to be in public with each other. For example in the book ‘’The Outsides’’ they had a war called ‘’The Rumble’’ it basically means you’re fighting for you territory. But fighting doesn’t solve anything, separation causes problems that doesn’t need to be fixed with fighting. Everyone is their own person and different, the world would be different if everyone had to be same person. Separation needs to come to end and come together as

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