Separation Of Christianity Analysis

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Almost all Americans have heard the phrase “separation of church and state.” However, fewer realize the magnitude of the phrase. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, the majority of the Founding Fathers were deists or had a belief in a God who created the universe but does not interact with it. They understood how religion could ruin governments and needed to be separated in their new nation. The Founding Fathers purposefully left out religion from all government documents and never mentioned the Bible or other religious text while creating the United States. Ken Ham is the CEO of Answers in Genesis and is a leader in the Christian creationist movement; he writes many articles on the Answers in Genesis website. In his article “Separation of Christianity…show more content…
He begins the article with a history lesson over the phrase. The “separation of church and state” was coined by President Thomas Jefferson in 1802 in a letter he wrote to a religious group. This letter was sent to the Danbury Baptist Association in Connecticut trying to assure them that the government would not interfere with the church, but Ham believes that secularists and Americans have taken the phrase out of context to protect the government from the influence of the Christian Church. The main point in Ham’s article, however, is that there can be no “neutral situation[s]” in any circumstance. He believes the “religion” of naturalism is being imposed on the children of the public education system and thinks that the phrase has become “separation of Christianity and state.” Ham also believes that the creation of a neutral situation would deteriorate the faith of some Christians and their ability to follow the Word of…show more content…
In other words, they have eliminated the supernatural and replaced it with naturalism. In reality, they have eliminated the Christian worldview and replaced it with a secular, atheistic one!
The moment in time that Ham’s fingertips typed the words,“unproven natural processes,” his argument became invalid. Evolution is a highly esteemed field of science with mounds of evidence supporting it. The scientific community is finding new evidence for evolution and a natural biogenesis daily. After Ham disregards decades of scientific research, he continues with a sentence that should be considered sarcastic. He believes that it is a bad thing that students are being taught how the world actually works and not that the Earth was created in six actual days by a magical man in the sky. The supernatural he is talking about is the Christian mythology as stated as fact in the Bible. The atheistic, secular worldview to which he refers to is the view of scientists all over the world who have not ever found a godly figure during
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