Separation Of Church And State

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Religion is a part of people’s culture. It is an identity that can be shared with in a culture, which makes it a common conflict in all cultures no matter which religion one may identify with. In the United States 83% are Christian, according to a survey conducted by ABC news, but the United States is a melting pot of cultures, this mean one culture or religion should not have leverage over the affairs of the government. This is why in the US there exists the separation of church and state but the extent of said separation is unclear, causing religion to be the bases of people arguments regarding politics. In the government these arguments should be seen as invalid because church and state are no longer completely separated causing one culture to be placed above the others.…show more content…
Even though at this time the colonies of America were some denomination of Christian and the United States was founded on Christianity, this does not account for today’s citizens who practice a pleather of religions. However in this era it seems that these values are no longer being held true and Christianity is subconsciously held higher because it is the majority. This is not any one person’s fault but the fault of society as a whole not noticing it. This causes peoples arguments to be based mostly on religious morals and not on the welfare of
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