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The movie Sepet is mainly talking about a moving love story happening between a Chinese boy and a Malay girl under Malay’s multi-cultural society. Yasmin Ahmad, the director of Sepet, married twice. Her first marriage was with an Indian, the second with a Chinese. Therefore, in her eyes, love is beyond races. The movie Sepet might have been the first native movie that brought Malaysians and Chinese sitting together in one theatre room. It is not only because of the romantic story between the two races but also because of the realistic cultural and social factors that touch the audience most. There is saying goes like this: You would never know it only if you’ve lived it. For the director, Yasmin Ahmad, she lived in such a social environment and had filmed My Failing Eyesight and had her own inter-racial dating and marriage already, all of which had contributed to the movie Sepet. So when we watch this movie, we cannot help being touched and trapped in it.

There are many movies telling love stories, but few movies telling inter-racial love stories. Sepet is such a great movie that breaks the silence of inter-racial love movies, supporting universal values and selfless love beyond races. It is also a classic
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This is because racial issues are shared across the globe and it is important to explore the issue to create awareness among the viewers. Movies are the best platform to present this issue since the directors are able to expose the reality of the society. Hence, the viewers could relate what is happening in the movie with their surroundings. In Sepet, Yasmin Ahmad tries to bring out racial issues that are commonly happen in Malaysia. There are a few scenes that highlight this theme for example; the audience are introduced to the location where Orked and Jason live, the language that the characters used, and the educational system in

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