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Annie Chung Assignment #14: Pricing; Pricing Perspectives-Method, Sephora, Acid+All Compare the pricing strategies of Method, ReadyMade, and Acid+All. Do all of these relatively new brands use the same strategy? Explain. The pricing strategies of ReadyMade, Method, and Acid+All are relatively similar. All of these companies believe that it is important to focus on high value of their products. Acid+All believes that it is more important to focus on the product than the price. They believe that Acid+All is a product people would use more often compared to fancy products and should not worry so much about price. ReadyMade compares prices with different magazines. When ReadyMade first entered the market, they made sure to price their magazine…show more content…
Sephora and Acid+All both focus on their products more than the price. They believe in satisfying their customers more than making profit. Although it is important to have a competitive price to other brands, Sephora and Acid+All both believe that it is more important to meet a consumer’s demand and make sure their products are best fit for their customers. Sephora and Acid+All both want their products to have a high value. Does it make sense for Method to use product line pricing? Why or why not? I believe that it makes sense for Method to use product line pricing and believe that it is a good strategy to use. Method wants their pricing strategy stands out compared to other brands. Method believes in an opening price point. Method’s product is environment friendly. It makes sense to use their pricing strategy because their products complement one another. What is Vans’ primary strategy for setting prices on tickets to the Warped Tour it sponsors? Vans’ sets a price that is affordable for people to spend time and listen to their favorite bands at an affordable price. Vans compared prices on the Warped Tour to regular concerts in which people pay hundreds of dollars to see one artist compared to watching more artists play live for a longer period of time. Vans’ believes that the value is much higher in their price on tickets for the Warped Tour than any typical ticket for a

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