September Baseball Narrative

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Well if you are like me, you watched the Rangers win a back and fourth game that was the epitome of September baseball, were overcome by joy, and then passed out because you were just flat out tired. For a game that ended on Wednesday morning, a Rangers win would have been the only acceptable outcome. For me the game meant waking up and walking to class quite sluggishly, and for many of you I 'm sure it meant a long day ahead at work, staring at the clock waiting for it to be 5:00pm. You 'll probably even sit there thinking, I 'm definitely not going to do that again tonight. But I 'm here to tell you that you are, and you are for a while, because this team is fun to watch and it 's meaningful September baseball baby! So whether you missed the…show more content…
Andrus has been much better in the second half, and last night he was spectacular. When things are going right some nights, they are going right, and last night was one of those nights. Andrus was dialed in from the beginning and he made highlight real play after highlight real play. In the top of the seventh inning, Andrus delivered with a single to right with the bases loaded, clearing the bases and breaking a 4-4 tie to make it 7-4. But Andrus wasn 't done there, as he found himself standing on third base with two away. Andrus noticed that Padres pitcher Kevin Quackenbush wasn 't paying attention from the stretch, and he stole home on the righty to make it 8-4. That 's playing with energy, playing lose, and having fun, all vital when making a…show more content…
The thing I liked so much about the eight run outburst last night was the manner in which they did it. They showcased some pop with a Fielder homer and a double in the gap by Choo. But that isn 't a surprise to anyone who watched the Rangers this year as they have always had the ability to hit the ball out of the ballpark. What I loved was the ability to go station to station, which is vital come late September and October.

What is possibly better than winning an important game and gaining ground in the AL West? Handing the ball over to your ace who has absolutely no problem pitching in big games.

Cole Hamels will get the ball for the Rangers tomorrow and that is absolutely exciting news for the Rangers. The Rangers got him for this very reason, to win big games down the stretch. Tomorrow is a big game, not only because they are going for the series win, but a series win headed into an off day. A win, and the team gets to enjoy themselves a lot more on the day off. A loss, and the team finds themselves chomping at the bit to get back onto the field.

For Rangers fans, tomorrow is everything we could 've hoped for. Our ace gets the ball, we are playing meaningful baseball, and the team is having some fun again. That my friends, that is worth
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