Septimus Short Story

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It is very important to never give up on dreams that seem impossible. Septimus figures out this lesson when he succeeds in his lifelong goal. When this boy needs some help with his objective, he grasps the attention of some very interesting friends. However, Septimus faces the dangers of the watchmen who want to execute him for his unusual crime.
Living near the Colosseum proved to be quite the adventure for Septimus. The blue-eyed boy had always possessed a hatred for the Colosseum. When he was younger, he had listened to the cries and roars of animals being slaughtered by gladiators, and since that incident scarred him, he had stayed away from the structure. He had always enjoyed the company of animals rather than that of people,
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He glanced once more at the moon before reluctantly hauling himself inside. He laid down on his bed and attempted to fall asleep; however, after a few hours, he was still wide awake. Hearing scratching on the window, he jumped up. He looked at his window, sighing in relief when he saw nothing, but when he glanced to his left, he almost screamed. Standing side by side were ghostly apparitions of wounded animals, and red ectoplasm slowly dripped down deep wounds that were carved into the arrangement of…show more content…
Staying as quiet as they possibly could, they resembled shadows in the night, making no noise and staying out of the moonlight. As they approached the Colosseum, Septimus became quite anxious, yet he continued to walk towards it. He paused when he spotted guards stationed outside of the large structure, and to distract them, he launched a rock at a tree. Hoping that they would not notice him, Septimus snuck over to the entrance, but when he approached the entryway, the guards spotted him. Septimus shrieked and attempted to flee, but the guards caught him before he could escape. As the guards dragged him away from the Colosseum, he tried to slip away. Septimus continued to fight them until he finally broke free, dashing towards the Colosseum with the guards just behind
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