Sequence Star Research Paper

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There are exactly 7 steps for a star to become a main sequence star just like our Sun. Step one: Interstellar Clouds: This is the very first stage of the processing of a star forming into a main sequence star. It is known as a dense interstellar cloud. It could be the very core of a dark dust cloud even. Or sometimes a molecular cloud. They both contain many different types of atoms. For examples metals and gasses. The clouds are huge in size. The average temperature of an interstellar cloud are about 10 K. The density is about 1 Billion particles. These clouds are very stable. On the other hand if a star was to form within in an interstellar clouds the clouds need to become the opposite of stable, they need to become unstable and collapse not being able to handle its own gravity. When they collapse they create smaller clouds. Then they will break down and become unstable and so on and so forth. This process can actually take up to a million years or even more. Step two: Cloud…show more content…
The temperature has changed to approximately 4,000 K. The luminosity has dropped also to about 10 sols. The temperature on the other hand went up to 5 million K. Everything in the Protostellar Evolution is moving much more slowly. It reaches the name as an adult now. Step six: It 's a Boy: This is the second to last step and its been 10 million years at this point. We can actually see a new star. It 's called a Newborn. It is now 1 sol. It 's about the same size as the Sun. It 's 2 million kilometers across. The temperature is now around 10 million Kelvin. Protons transform into helium. Step seven: Main Sequence: This is the last step. It has been over 30 million years for the sixth step to complete. It has continued to shrink. The density has grown more and the core is now 15 million Kelvin while the surface of it is now 6,000 K. This is where the
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