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South Asian man are more likely to be blamed for a crime because of their connection to ISIS. Seral is a podcast that is about a Museum boy named Adnan that went against his religion to date a Korean girl named Hae that also went against her religion to date but after a few weeks of breaking up Hae started dating a new guy named Don. Everything was good until a few weeks later Hae went missing and was late found dead in Leakin Park. Adnan friend and drug deal Jay told the police that he was with Adnan at the time that he was buring Hae’s body. The police ended up chagrining Adnan for the murdered. But there are some parts of the story that sound that does not add up like how can Adnan be guilt if he does not remember any that happened in…show more content…
Adnan was feeling at ease because he was finally able to get revenge on Hae after she violently ripped out his heart and gave it to another guy. They only been together not even 3 weeks before and she with another guy. Then Hae was been flirting with Adnan even when she was with her boyfriend. All while Adnan was trying to mend his broken heart which only got bigger because of Hae constantly flirting with him. That night when the police came was probably the first night that Adnan was able to get a good night sleep. According to crime stoppers 9 out of 10 first time killers will not be able to get a good night sleep because they are restless, because the guilt of killing someone eats them alive. If Adnan really did kill Hae than why was he not restless and sound asleep, the guilt would have especially been bothered by killing someone because the whole community would have been against him and his family.
The fact that Adnan never got to say his side of the story makes him innocent alone. How can you throw some one in jail without hearing what they had to say or their point of view on how things played out. When the police come to get him then they the just threw him in a room and started booming him with questions barley give him time to answer instead of asking Adnan what happened. According to Adnan friends he was a sweet talker so the police probably knew that and decide not to let him

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