Seren Serena Williams Informative Speech

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There are many encouraging people in this world today, but there is one in particular. Serena Williams has so many accomplishments in life. I believe she would be an encouraging speaker for all the kids in our school.
Serena Williams is the only tennis player to ever accomplish a golden career grand slam in singles and doubles. She became the fourth woman tennis star to win a tournament more than six times. In 2013, Serena became the eldest number 1 athlete at age 31 years. Right at this moment, she is number six in the all-time list of grand slam winners. Serena is also number four in the open era. In 2013, Serena competed against two other females, Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka and received the victory at the French Open. Being this successful, she has a great deal to live up to. By living up to all that she has to, she also has to responsible for all of her actions. This means no partying, drinking, and definitely no drugs. These are all elements teenagers need to know more about, and how to not encounter this such thing. Peer pressure has become a very difficult battle teenagers face today. Serena could express how important it is to say “no”.
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Being as successful as herself seems like a dream at our age, and she would help us realize that it can become a reality. She would also explain to us how extremely hard we need to work to reach every single goal we set for ourselves, and to never hold back of what we know we can become. If we have a bounteous amount of goals as she did, becoming what we want to would be specifically what she would want us to accomplish later on. There are an abundant amount of teenagers at our school who play sports. Sports involve giving all you have, so does classwork and being a great student. Without the grades or giving your all to what you are doing, there is no way Serena would be as successful as she is. She would also give kids a new mindset, to give their
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