Serena Williams Accomplishments

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Over twenty Grand Slam titles, ten doubles championships, countless Olympic gold medals, and being considered the best female tennis player in history are just a few of Serena Williams’s many astonishing accomplishments ( She not only has maintained the perfect physical structure to be a tennis player for over two decades, but she also has the mental strength to push through each match. Serena Williams is a perfect example of the American dream that one can come from nothing and be successful through her hard work and determination.
The legend of Serena Williams all started in 1981. Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan into the family of Richard and Oracene Williams. Richard Williams owned his own security firm and Oracene Williams
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At the age of ten, she was ranked number one in the ten and under division in the United States. At the age of fourteen, Williams became a professional tennis player and started traveling the country playing in tournaments with her father as her coach. Williams was ranked three hundred and fourth in the world in 1995 until she defeated two top ten players. That bumped her to ninety-ninth in the world rankings. In 2003 she defeated Venus in the finals of the US Open, the French Open, and Wimbledon to earn her very first Grand Slam title (Prince). Instead of competing against each other, the sisters decided to pair up and take the doubles world by storm. Venus Williams’s height, Williams’s speed, and their undeniable bond made them nearly unbeatable. Together in 2004, they conquered their first women 's doubles Olympic gold medal in Athens. At the Beijing games, they also managed to earn another gold medal in the women’s doubles. Ever since 2002, Williams has been ranked number one in the world and no one has been able to take that spot from her since. She has been ranked number one in the world rankings longer than any other women’s tennis player
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