Serena Williams Eight Intelligences

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How intelligence can be measured has been debated for several years by different psychologists. Howard Gardner had a theory of multiple intelligences; the idea that people vary in their ability levels across different domains of intellectual skill. The book talked about eight different intelligences including verbal/linguistic, body-kinesthetic, and logical mathematical. This theory seemed quite logical since different people are good at different things. There are several different real-world examples of people who fall under these categories including Martin Luther King Jr., Serena Williams, and Isaac Newton.
Verbal or linguistic intelligence was one of the eight different intelligences. It is described as the ability to speak and write
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It is described as the ability to manipulate the body in sports, dance, or other physical endeavors. Many different professional sport players fall under this category. Serena Williams would fit this description because she is an amazing tennis player; she can hardly be beat by other opponents. Her skills are very high on the physical side therefore she falls under the body-kinesthetic intelligence.
Logical or mathematical intelligence is the ability to use logic and mathematical skills to solve problems such a scientific question. This also is one of the eight intelligences. Isaac Newton would be a good fit for this description because he worked with logic and mathematics to come up with the laws of motion, gravity, and calculus. These great logical and mathematical skills put him into the mathematical intelligence group.
Martin Luther King Jr., Serena Williams, and Isaac Newton all fall under different categories of Gander’s theory of multiple intelligences. There are other real-world example of people who fall into these intelligences. Although, Gardner seemed to be somewhat correct with his theory of multiple intelligences, some critics have argued against it. Critics say that Gardner’s model is vague and difficult to test. There could also be many other types of intelligences like “humor” or “romantic.” Intelligence is a big topic in psychology that has greatly expanded over the
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