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“It 's true: Williams is black, she 's very muscular, and she 's a skilled player. But breathless commentators sometimes talk about these qualities in a way that buys into what sociologist Delia Douglas, in an article on the Williams sisters published in 2004 by the Sociology of Sport Online called "the essentialist logic of racial difference, which has long sought to mark the black body as inherently different from other bodies (Harris)."The result is that Williams 's athleticism is attributed to her ethnicity.” In todays society most media reporters and social media portrays the famous tennis player Serena Williams the way they do because she is a “black female”. They view Serena Williams as manly, untamed, and boisterous, because of her…show more content…
Although media reporters are harsh to Serena she still owns it as a tennis player; there has been accounts of Serena being called out of her name and being verbally abused and as a “strong black woman” she remained humble and kept her eyes on the prize. Williams have multiple grand slam titles, singles, and double titles also that no man or woman can take from her. It might come as a surprise to some that Black children are taught that they have to be twice as good in order to achieve their ambitions in a White world. Claudia describes that in her article when she says, "Only after they give 150 percent will white Americans recognize black excellence for what it is." But for Serena she just wants to win, and that was her main focus. Just because Serena Williams is a “black women” (Claudia) she is seen to portray a certain type of image in “white America” because she is in the public eye, and on the flip side she overpowers her white competitors. But of course, once recognized, black excellence is then supposed to perform with good manners and forgiveness in the face of any racist indifference or violations.
Even on her worst days media reports can put down Serena Williams but that will never stunt her growth as one of the worlds best tennis players or take any of her talents away. Through injuries, sickness, training, and harsh name-callings Serena has showed the world why she is one of the top tennis players. Despite what newspaper articles and social media say about

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