Sergeant Amos Case Study

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During this period, Sergeant Amos repeatedly distinguished himself through unrelenting professionalism and superior conduct in the achievement of duties involving the execution of the extensively diverse and intricate administrative functions as the S-1 Noncommissioned Officer-in-Charge. He personally planned and directed the preparation of seven Marine Corps Analysis Team (MCAAT) Functional Areas; five of which resulted in a “no pay discrepancy” evaluation. His efforts led to the Squadron receiving a noteworthy “mission capable” evaluation obtaining an overall MCAAT rating of 85.91%. The inspectors noted that it was the best presentation they had ever witnessed. Sergeant Amos was personally recognized by the MCAAT Officer-in-Charge in that his administrative expertise was well above his current grade. In his duties as the Defense Travel System’s Approving Official, Sergeant Amos personally processed over a 4,800 Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) vouchers and authorizations as well as ensured the accurate and timely payment of over $5,200,000 in pay entitlements. His attention to detail and can do attitude led to a smooth transition between the squadron’s routine TADs, work-up cycles and…show more content…
All throughout the exercises the squadron had personnel in up to five different locations simultaneously, during which Sergeant Amos accounted for over 250 personnel in all nine exercises. Exercises which included additional TADs for up to six months with Marines located in multiple countries across the Pacific Area of Operation. While deployed working alongside the Maintenance, Operations and Logistics departments Sergeant Amos scheduled travels for early departures, Flights In Support of Deployment Units, retrogrades and Emergency leaves from the corresponding TAD
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