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Leone neglects the effect of the film formed on the principle of memories or flashbacks. Noodles scrolls in memory only, what for hard day of the gangster, and for years the 36-year-old forced links remained, though, traces of comets in the night sky. Detailing the sentimental details of childhood, this is inspired by the atmosphere of the Grey’s book ‘Hoods’. «Childhood is the only truthful part of the «Street gangs» - the rest author borrows from a gangster novels and movies» - said in an interview, Sergio Leone. Stands apart, the stunning work of costume designers, decorators and many others, through which we enter the world of America 's 20 's 30 's and late 60 -ies. No wonder Leone studied the life of the device and the lower East…show more content…
As it usually happens in good movies, there is no right or wrong. There are no good or bad. Each of the main characters is for his own good and bad. Each of them in his life committed treason, but was the victim of betrayal. And even the history of relations between Deborah and Noodles is one of the most interesting scenes in the film from a psychological point of view, is absolutely not as straightforward as it seems at first glance. Leone always expertly conveyed all sorts of subtle psychological nuances - how of the story (he wrote scripts for his films, even when originally ordered scenes from some famous authors), and with the help of the actors. Personally, I think all these bloody and naturalistic scenes, which many in the film and which has deprived the American public, not superfluous, but rather simply needed for a proper understanding of the ideas of the Director. Because it is life - real life that is not clean and smooth. It has everything - blood, sex, betrayal, friendship, love, deception, crime and sacrifice. And it 's all there in «Once in America». And it 's all captured so that this film, despite the fact that he goes more than three hours to watch for a minute...…show more content…
In the final scenes already appears the fully atmosphere of gloom, shielding monumental interiors. In a huge rooms where the rays of sunlight do not penetrate. Ghastly glitter of cold mirrors exacerbates the feeling of total statics frozen forever life. The face of 65-year-old noodle as if carved from ice: hardened, glaring, bleak. Starting to provide a study of the films, we cannot ignore the emotional experience obtained while viewing it, i.e. the analysis of film as an art text inevitably subjective factor. When this peace is not only academic in some of his part of the object of knowledge, but also the only tool of knowledge - our feelings and thoughts is the «special instrument», which we measure the intensity of pathos, those «scales» on which we weigh ideas. How many phrases in this film, how many moments that can be viewed separately and admire their genius! For example, the scene of the murder Dominique last conversation or Noodles and max. And the scene when Patsy comes to Peggy and cake and eats it, unable to bear the wait! This is not just a masterpiece; the film is a bunch of

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