Sergio Marchionne Essay

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The Greatest CEO of This Generation
“Mediocrity is not worth the trip,” Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) CEO, Sergio Marchionne said in a press conference. This quote shows that this one-of-a-kind CEO always strives for excellence, and is a great role model for any of the managers that come after him.
Purpose and Scope Why does Sergio Marchionne deserve to win the Donald J. Trump’s CEO of the Year Award? He is unequivocally the best CEO of his time. The following three reasons will explain why Sergio Marchionne deserves this award:
His academic achievements gave him the perfect background for management.
The financial benefit he brings to any organization is indisputable.
His unique management style creates a successful work environment.
This paper is written to President-elect Donald J. Trump’s award committee to address the reasons why Marchionne is the best CEO and why he deserves the CEO of the year award. Only education and professional experience from 2004 to the present are used.
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Academic Achievements In 1978,
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Not only has he done this in the automotive industry, but he has changed the status quo for managers in the rest of the business sector. Through his unique academic path, his financial expertise, and his groundbreaking management style, Marchionne has established himself as one of the top executives in the world today. Sergio Marchionne completely embodies the role of the ideal CEO. He deserves the CEO of the Year Award because of the example he sets for all CEOs and managers to come. It is in the committee’s best interest to chose Marchionne as the winner of the award because of how he has proved himself. The United States needs more leaders like Marchionne, people that driven for success and that have good morals and values. Marchionne is the CEO, not only of the year, but of this
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